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Crisis Prevention and Recovery

Crises – both man-made and natural – have a destabilizing effect on the societies in which they occur. Unless crises are effectively managed they can have direct immediate consequences as well as long-term ramifications that may adversely affect development, enhance inequalities, bring about political instability and impact human security. That is the reason why The Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) is one of nine major bureaus within the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Many countries are increasingly vulnerable to violent conflicts or natural disasters that can erase decades of development and further entrench poverty and inequality. Through its global network, UNDP seeks out and shares innovative approaches to crisis prevention, early warning and conflict resolution.

Crisis Prevention and Recovery in Croatia

The proliferation of arms fuels conflict and crime, thus undermining development and good governance and fuelling domestic insecurity. Corruption and an inefficient judiciary contribute to an atmosphere of insecurity and helplessness amongst the public.

UNDP programme in Croatia targets specific needs such as: enhancement of the Croatian justice and security systems. UNDP assists the Croatian government in effectively addressing the problems of arms control and insecurity, in increasing the ability of the judiciary to effectively prosecute criminal justice offenders as well to promote inclusion and integrity of the democratic process. UNDP Croatia, the EU and the Croatian Government have together identified that the reduction of illicit arms possession and use, within the overarching framework of human security, is critical in promoting security, stability and development in Croatia and the wider region.

Justice and Human Security Programme (Justice & Security)
The Justice and Security programme aims at enhancing the Croatian Justice and Aecurity Systems by improving access to justice for all citizens, ensuring efficient judicial and electoral management and reducing illicit arms possession and use.


Croatia to launch toll-free hotline for crime victims in July

Volunteer network will operate call center for victims and witnesses

A new toll-free hotline for crime victims will begin functioning in Croatia in July 2013 as part of a USD 177,000 project implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the Ministry of Justice. The project aims to engage young people in protecting the rights of victims and witnesses of crimes. Specially trained volunteers will operate a call center that will be accessible through the toll-free number 116 006, which is unified for the entire territory of the European Union. Premises for the call center have been provided by the Ministry of Justice, and young volunteers, many of them law students, are currently being trained. more »
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